Originally started as a print publication in the late 1990’s, Facing the Cannonball has returned to write about politics, news analysis, justice/injustice as well as to point out absurdities in  our media and culture. Asking questions and thinking critically is all too often considered “old school” journalism.  We’d like to change that.

  1. Aisling says:

    I love reading your blog Grady. Rich with many things to ponder. Thanks. Aisy

  2. augusta says:

    Thank you for following my blog! I must say, your subtitle, “find out who you are and do the hell out of that” is a basic axiom of the Hermetics that my partner Cougina talks about. He would add, as you have in another of your pages, that “who you are” is an aspect of the godhead, and that we are to be in full communication with that SELF. If you would like to explore our private blog, Covina Hermiticia, please visit this page http://hermeticorderforhumans.com/covina-hermiticia-2/ and send your email address through the contact form. I am about to click your follow button! Thanks for helping me find your blog. — Aggie

    • ftcannonball says:

      Thanks for the invite I will check that out. I heard that line “find out who you are and do the hell out of that” in an interview with an old blues singer and it really struck a chord with me. I’m glad you see the value in it as well. I happened upon your blog on Facebook from a link someone posted and was glad to find it. My Dad is Luis in Tucson and I’d like to learn more about what you guys do. Cheers, Grady

      • augusta says:

        Small world! Don Luis (Cougina’s title) is a very good friend of ours. (You did know that didn’t you?) We are fond of you and your sons through his stories. Hope to see you on Covina Hermiticia, as we have left Tucson to see the world by bicycle. — Cougina & Aggie

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